Brown Mother’s Support Princess of Peace

Kemani a fifth grader said, “Peace is cooperating and being calm. A Princess is of loyal, caring, brave, and of royalty and cute.”

A program designed for young girls. Girls who are already powerful and by sitting with others realize that they can change our community and world by being a Peaceful Princess.

Tha B.U.M.P. CEO, Cynthia Turnquest-Jones of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership was asked by educator Annabelle Strozza to come and sit with the elementary school girls. She presented the idea “Princess of Peace”

Graham Elementary School Girls and guest students from a neighboring school Holmes Elementary sat in an organic open forum. The girls were in their comfort zone “talking”. Many admitted to being bullied and one admitted to being one who bullied. One activity included writing their own thoughts of what peace is to them and what is a Princess!

A forth grade Princess of a Peace Destiny wrote, “Peace is a wonderful thing. It settles a fight. Everybody wants peace.” Then she continued by writing, “A Princess is a daughter of a Queen. She wants peace for everybody”.

Each Princess expressed what they will do when they returned to their class and community as a Peaceful Princess. Smiles were exchanged and excitement took over the room as they created friendship bracelets, snacked on pink frosted donuts, and designed a Princess of Peace Journal. Their journaling will include peaceful thought and actions.

They left with Hello Kitty goodie bags and Peaceful Princess Power!

“As a Brown Mother I believe in giving life on an ordinary day.”














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