Brown Mother’s Believe in Bronx Girls Rock

The Brown Urban Mother Partnership Founder Cynthia Turnquest-Jones lead the first Bronx Girls Rock Day on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. This was held at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation. Day one was titled “My Girlfriends”.

“The Bronx Girls were excited as they rushed into the room at three fifteen,” replied Cynthia. “Our names were called a thousand times but, we were basking in the height of the girls enthusiasm. For starters we started with an ice breakers to get them away from sitting next to their familiar girlfriend.” The purpose was to meet other Bronx Girls. Cynthia continued by stating, “This was awesome as we took the “Would You Rather Challenge!” You had to stand on the side you liked. For example: Would you rather watch television or listen to music? The ENTIRE room was on the “listen to music” side. Another one was: Would you rather be invisible or read minds? The majority of the room wanted to read minds. Mrs. Doubles and myself along with two Bronx Girls wanted to be invisible.”

According to Mrs. Turnquest-Jones Bronx Girls Rock is inspired by Black Girls Rock. This will be a month long of building Middle School Girls to be versions of themselves through positive talk, interaction, and exposure to life lessons.

The girls also spoke about the abduction of more than 300 Nigerian Sisters and how important it is for them to stand for them. A Bronx Girl from the 7th grade was able to articulate the tragedy and infused the girls with eyebrow lifting facts. They then stood for a photo holding signs “This Bronx Girl Support #BringOurSISTERSBack.”

Finally, they were introduced the “Sensory Jar”… The room was buzzing with sounds of girls who were eager to create a piece that will represent them!

Cynthia called this The Caterpillar Stage Day One….🐛



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