Books. Badges. Beverages.

Books. Badges. Beverages. in Mount Vernon, New York 2020. This is not our first partnership. We collaborated for the first time in 2012 with the belief and understanding that every child deserves a gift during the holidays. We collected toys and coat. We even had gingerbread houses to decorate. Let’s not forget the Let Girls … Continue reading Books. Badges. Beverages.

Tha BUMP Gets Dirty

“MVPL Garden Club” Thank You Trustee Hope Marabel for acknowledging me today. Getting acknowledged makes me blush & get very mushy internally. I learned a lot even though I went to support Bro Arthur Muhammad. Actions like tiling, weeding, and seedlings. Brother Muhammed took time to correct with love. “Not dirt, soil”. Cynthia Turnquest-JonesFounder of … Continue reading Tha BUMP Gets Dirty

Happy Treat & Read Day

“Giving books as gifts to children wrapped with a groovie bow is the most exciting and extraordinary phenomenon.” -Author Annie Turnquest. Corona Virus is playing a part of a intentionally creative change. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. strategized on how to remix Halloween. “Books are portable. Able to fit in your bag. They can … Continue reading Happy Treat & Read Day

Know Your Rights Youth Empowerment Town Hall

A Residential Treatment Center for children and youth who are identified as being an issue in their community or beyond parental control. The stay at Children’s Village is not long-lasting. The intention is to transition back into society & with parents. Many of the youth were either AWOLs, those with high therapeutic needs, struggling with … Continue reading Know Your Rights Youth Empowerment Town Hall

The Commitment, organized by the National Action Network. This was calling for racial justice and police reform. Al Sharpton first declared plans for the march during a memorial service for George Floyd, the 46-year-old father who was intentionally suffocated by a police officer in Minneapolis who kneeled in his neck for nine minutes. Mayor Shawyn … Continue reading

Let Girls Learn in Queens, New York

As Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood at the podium addressing negative behavior towards females in Washington, DC, Cynthia mingled with five impressionable toddlers from Queens, New York. A private Let Girls Learn session was requested by a group of mothers. Covid-19 interrupted school and the ability to attend summer camp. The world was already dealing with … Continue reading Let Girls Learn in Queens, New York

Tha BUMP Supports MVPD

Today was the Designations of Deputy Commisioners at City Hall. We are celebrating competence. Entertainment was by led by a Latin NYPD Band “La Jara Band” as we watched the 1st Deputy Police Commisioner Ernest Morales III and Deputy Police Commisioner of Special Initiatives Jennifer Lackard be sworn in. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. … Continue reading Tha BUMP Supports MVPD

The Children’s March in Mount Vernon, New York

Beyond the Classroom... During the height of the Civil Rights Movement many children were interested in activism. Classes were held by advisors and individuals who were able to guide. The goal was to interrupt the horrible Jim Crow Laws and prepare the children what to expect while (1) sitting at the counters trying to be … Continue reading The Children’s March in Mount Vernon, New York